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Drip-Free Drink Coasters

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Go Green by saving our trees!
Stop using beverage napkins & cardboard coasters.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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$9.99 per 2-Pack
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Are you tired of being dripped on when you take a drink?

Sick of coasters sticking to the bottom of your glass?

Hate those unsightly rings on your furniture?

Use a Dripbuster drip-free drink coaster and these problems are gone!

Listen to our 60 second radio commercial!!!

All Dripbusters products are handmade & inspected in the USA

Dripbusters drip proof technology is guaranteed to absorb condensation better than any other coaster, period! Dripbusters allow you to take a drip free drink everytime. Dripbusters have a skid free bottom and will stay in place while you use them. Each Dripbuster is 4 1/4 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. They are washable, reusable, and dishwasher safe. Great for outdoor use! They will never deteriorate or blow away like cardboard coasters & beverage napkins. Take a Dripbuster with you in your pocket or purse for use at your favorite restaurants.

Customize yours Today!

Once you try a Dripbuster you will never use a regular coaster again. Experience the drip free drink for yourself by clicking here for a FREE sample.***

***1 per household, for a limited time, shipping & handling cost $6.95

All Dripbusters products can be cleansed and sanitized in the dishwasher or washing machine if needed!

Other Great Uses:
*Use as a Gripbuster for opening jars easier than ever before!
*Makes a great sink stopper that is easier to remove than traditional stoppers.

Holiday Designs

Galactic Saucer Toss

{A FrisbeGolf or HorseShoe Styled Game}

A fun & functional Dripbuster product!

14 X 14 Base Mat:

Saucer Coaster 2-Packs:

Our Favorite Designs

Themed Designs

Drip-Free Drink Coaster 2 PACKS $9.99

Click here to choose from even more fun designs!!!


Friends of unity can click here to see unity inspired designs.

Custom Orders

Contact us to have your favorite digital picture or company logo applied directly to your set. To add a picture to your set of Dripbusters, select the quantity from the dropdown window, then click the add-to-cart button below. Don't forget to Email your images to orders@dripbusters.com


Send Images to:orders@dripbusters.com

Get 8 Pictured Dripbusters with a Handmade/Unfinished Natural Wood Holder for only $29.99

# of Images per set

Send Images to: orders@dripbusters.com

Drip Catchers/Mouse Pads

Horizontal 7.75" X 6.75"

Vertical 6.75" X 7.75"

Have your digital picture or company logo printed on your order or choose from any of our great designs located in the "Our Favorite Designs" Section above!!!.

Sizes Layout

Send Images to: orders@dripbusters.com

Pet Placemats

11" X 13"-$14.99

Lab PPmat

To have your favorite type of dog or cat represented on your pet's placemat: Labradoodle Shown

Add your own Picture:

Enter Breed Here:

***Orders placed without breed text entered will have no pictures***

Send Images to: orders@dripbusters.com

9" X 9" Dripmats $12.99

Puppy Dripmat

11" X 13" Dripmats $14.99


9" x 9" Dripbusters Thaw mats

Save on clean up in your refrigerator and on your kitchen counters with a Dripbuster Thaw Mat for Only $12.99


Choose Color:

11" X 13" Dish Drip Mat


Great for Drying Glasses and Dishware on!

ColorOnly $14.99

All Dripbusters products can be customized with your image.

Just Email Us:


Business Orders

Have your companies logo applied to any of our Dripbusters products and you'll leave an impression on your clients every time they use them!!!

Please E-mail your logo & questions to:

These "Retail Ready" 2 Packs come packaged in plastic bags then stapled to cardboard hangers for you to display in your place of business. Harness the marketing power that is Dripbusters truest selling point - Dripbusters reside in your customers sight everytime they take a drink. Dripbusters STAY put, are great for Outdoor or Indoor use, & are completely customizable.

Quantity Please E-mail your logo & questions to:

Uniform Solid Color Sets:

Solid Colors


Uniform Solid Dark Colors:

Quantity Color

Auto Cupholder Liners

No more sticky,nasty messes in your vehicles cupholders.

Set of 2 Dripbusters for $9.99, trim to fit your vehicle cup holder with sharp scissors.
Choose Color:

Or For Black:


Save your hands and open jars easily.



Keep your Furniture in place on your tile or wood flooring.


Custom Printed Tee-Shirts


Print Placement: Shirt Color Shirt Size

Send Images to: orders@dripbusters.com

Dripbusters Bootmats

Keep your entryway free from the mess of snow and work boots!

11"x13" Horizontal (Smaller Feet)


11"x13" Vertical (Large Feet)



Dripbusters are great gifts for any occasion and any person! Let them pick from our designs or send us one of their own.


Attach the picture of your choice to an E-Mail. There is no minimum order.

  • Preferred image resolution: 300 dpi if possible (less than 150 may produce fair to poor print results)!

Just Drop us a line with any questions you may have.
Click here to send an E-mail to orders@dripbusters.com Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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